Welcome to AEM Consulting Group.
We are here to improve your operational systems and processes in the manufacturing and service industries.

Every company has some measure of operational issue. In our 28+ years of helping organizations like yours, we’ve seen many similar issues and trends such as:

  • Customer’s quality and delivery expectations for goods and services is constantly rising.
  • Shorter & shorter lead-time requirements.
  • Competitive markets driving ever rising cost – value expectations.
  • Regulatory or customer compliance for quality, environmental, health and safety.


If you are facing any of these challenges – we can help. From training to a final successful audit, we can apply any of the following from our operational toolbox to make your business run smoother and reach optimal profitability.

  • Quality and related Management Systems – ISO 9001 accreditation, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, AS9100
  • Lean Enterprise: VSM, pull – kanban, 5s, kaizen
  • Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP
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