ISO 9001 / AS9100 

Valley Plating Works

“In 2013, while the QMS project accomplished ISO 9001 certification, our operating results included doubledigit sales growth and improved profitability. ISO 9001 has caused us to be more systematic in looking at processes; capable of doing more work without a corresponding increase in costs…

…You made it possible to complete a difficult, time sensitive project when our employees already had more than a full plate. ”

–David Cullen, Vice President, Sales; Valley Plating Works

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“Well it looks like we will make it through another audit (AS9100 Rev. C) and I just wanted to let you know we could not have done it without you. All your efforts are appreciated more than you know.”

–Susan Qualls, Meschkat Precision Machining, Inc.

AEM Consulting Group streamlined the audit and registration process for Custom Stamping Inc. by combining several ISO 9001 requirements and reducing the company’s quality manual.

The internal audit started early in the registration process, allowing auditor feedback to be incorporated in preparations for the final registration audit team’s arrival.

–Quality Digest Magazine

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“The project was completed on time and budget. The resulting documented business system is small and includes all our existing forms and records used in every area of our company. Amazing! I never believed our ISO project could turn out this well.”

–Mario Gomez, President, Safe Plating, Inc

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“AEM did every thing possible to make this project a success by partnering effectively with the management and employees of Whitmor. You took us from zero to light speed with a high degree of professionalism and excellent facilitation skills.”

–Michael Weiss, President, Whitmor Wirenetics

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“Now not only have we gone through our business system and processes and improved them all, we have the key credential needed to add new customers in the very competitive aerospace industry.”

–Marie Walker, CEO, Fiberset Incorporated

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“We recommend your services to any company who needs to undertake an important and complex project that involves many people in all areas of a company.”

–Collie Hutter, COO, & Lee Parsley, Manager, Click Bond

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“Even in our hectic environment, you kept things focused and organized, a tribute to your experience, expertise and professionalism.”

–John Carroll, General Manager, Pacific Scientific EMC West

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Luran, Inc

“We had our AS9100 surveillance audit last week. The policies & procedures that you helped us develop are holding strong. Your name came up a lot during the audit. The auditor recently did an audit on another company that you were working with. She said that you have a very professional company. Thank you for all your guidance.”

–TJ Decker, Luran, Inc.


“I wish to compliment you on a job well done. I was very glad to hear that U.S. Ordnance had passed their intiial ISO certification audit on the first try! Outstanding! Thank you very much for your contribution to this success story.”

–Paul G Davidson
NDT Level III Instructor/Examiner
DCM-Northern California, DCMAM-SFOD, Army 1 Team