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About the ISO 9001 Survival Software Templates

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About the ISO 9001 Survival Guide

“ISO 9001 isn’t supposed to be complicated. In fact, it works best if it isn’t. The ISO 9001 Survival Guide describes how to implement an ISO 9001 system which becomes the foundation to support a company’s continual improvement. This book has a high-payback, if you read it and follow its advice.”

John Lange
Quality Manager, Networks Electronic Company

“I read your book “ISO 9001 Survival Guide”. It was an easy reading book with a lot of info. I am purchasing 25 books for the management staff here.”

–Nathan Hovious
Streator Dependable Manufacturing

“This handbook would be beneficial to any organization trying to implement ISO 9000.”

–Fayzee Ahmed, BVQI West Coast
Business Support Director

“The ISO 9001 Survival Guide is a comprehensive, understandable resource that demystifies the process.”

–Alan Weiss, Ph.D., President,
Summit Consulting Group and author

“I highly recommend that companies implementing ISO 9000 read and use this handbook.”

–Duane Femrite, President and Co-CEO,
Athanor Group Inc. 

About the ISO 9001 Survival Software Templates:

“When it came time to organizing what seemed a complicated, heavily detailed ISO 9000 system for our company, we went looking for help from ISO documentation software. We found AEM Consulting Group’s ISO 9000 Survival Software to be a tremendous aid in implementing and documenting ISO 9000. The templates were a complete outline for covering all the required areas or elements of a total quality management system. Yet they allowed for personalizing them to fit our company’s business practices.

The scripted flowcharting method utilized in the templates was a very common sense, practical way to make procedures easy to read, understand and use. Additionally the book, ISO 9000:2000 Survival Guide, is a great resource for our management team and other personnel.”

–James Lamb, Quality Assurance Manager,
JM Mold South

“We knew we needed to implement ISO 9000 and AS 9100 in our company. That seemed a daunting task. We turned to AEM Consulting Group, who with their advisement and software taught us what we needed to know. Their scripted flowchart process was a natural way for us to record our operations. The software outlines saved us an enormous amount of time and the documentation was easy to read. We are on track to be registered in April of this year.”

–Terry Decker, President, Luran Inc. 

Having personally used Doug and Carole’s system, I can highly recommend their approach of using ready-to-go templates to build your own custom ISO 9001 quality management system. The templates on the CD were easy to work with, even on my Macintosh; just make new documents on your computer using the templates, then add or modify with your own information where you need to. Even inserting our company logo was easy to do, and the flowcharts were easy to modify using Microsoft Word. Using AEM’s ISO 9001 Survival Guide really helped guide and instruct us as we went along. I believe the average person would be capable of successfully producing their own ISO quality management system using AEM’s templates.

–William Woodrum, QC Director, Pacific Precision, Inc.

Every journey begins with taking the first step. Smart travelers get directions first. Unless you want to adventure into ISO 9001 losing your way, taking wrong turns, and getting lost, I suggest you start off with a copy of AEM Consulting Group’s ISO 9001 Survival Software Templates. They may not answer all of your questions, but they will certainly put you on the trail to success.

–Steve Demski
Director of Quality Assurance
Skurka Aerospace

“Fittingly, the BVQI auditor had these comments about our Quality Management System that you guided us through:

” ‘I was especially impressed with the 13 “Process Flowcharts” which depicted specific system functions supplemented by “Persons/Department Responsibilities” along with detailed descriptions of the required “Tasks” to be accomplished. The critical AS9100 aerospace provisions were effectively interspersed throughout these procedures… these QMS documented procedures are very good.’ ”

–Michael A. Weiss, President,
Whitmor Wirenetics