Doug Anton and Carole Anton

Doug Anton line art Through their firm, AEM Consulting Group Inc., Doug Anton and Carole Anton have made it their business to help a wide range of companies achieve and maintain a competitive edge and improve their bottom line.

Doug is an expert on ISO 9001, with many years of experience on actual implementations. The genesis of Doug’s approach to ISO 9000 was in 1988 at a Black & Decker company, where he decided to develop a quality system that would focus not only on the product, but also on company-wide quality and improvement.

Carole Anton line artDoug found that the process of ISO 9001 registration has implications that go far beyond mere compliance. In fact, ISO 9001 has the potential to strengthen the entire organization. The key to unleashing this potential is in the approach to implementation.

Since that first project, he and Carole have guided many companies to successful ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 14001, QS-9000 (TS 16949) registration.

In addition to their consulting work and publications, Doug and Carole offer ISO 9001 seminars to the public and have also written a compatible ISO software featuring their unique approach to documentation, the Scripted Flowchart Process.

Quality is only one of the Antons’ areas of expertise, which differentiates them from many other practitioners. Doug has also been a production manager and manufacturing engineering manager, and he has directed facilities within Black & Decker companies. Now with AEM he leads companies through lean manufacturing, MRP/ERP implementations, setup and inventory reductions, along with ISO 9001 and other process improvement projects.

Carole’s background is in accounting. She has been an accountant with CPA firms and has also worked as an internal auditor. She now directs operations for AEM.

Internal Audit Certificate Carole Anton

Internal Audit Certificate Carole AntonInternal Audit Certificate Carole Anton