Tips for Successful Implementations

New exercise program?
New exercise program?

All of us whether it is in our companies or our daily lives are at least talking about implementing something. Maybe it’s starting an exercise program, some home improvement, or a lean transformation which starts with a kaizen event for your assembly line. Implementing something new is how we hope to get better results or satisfaction.

Here are some tips we’ve learned for successful implementations.Manufacturing

  1. Be willing to try something different and have the discipline to follow through. Many people and companies are stopped short by this step – they never even get started. They can’t get “off the dime.” The sooner we get started on something, the sooner we get results.
  2. Realize that you have to educate yourself. Have diligence to learn. Look for outside resources that can help you ask the right questions.
  3. Be ready for some measuring, testing, and adjusting. When you get 80% of a solution figured out, start implementing it and correct it as you go. It’s counter-productive to wait for perfection.
  4. Look to others to help you. In businesses successful managers pose the key problems to solve and ask teams they lead to develop and provide the answers.
  5. Be resilient when facing setbacks. Sometimes everything will flow smoothly, but often you’ll encounter some stumbling blocks.

Why bother? —- Investments made in implementations that may push us and challenge us will pay big returns before you know it.

By AEM Consulting Group, Inc.