Valley Plating Works improves operations using ISO 9001

Assisted by AEM Consulting Group, Valley Plating Works successfully obtained ISO 9001 certification. Now in their 82nd year of business with the third generation firmly at the helm, Valley Plating Works continually demonstrates the ability to satisfy customers. Sustained market adaptability, technology innovation, green environmental operation and stable employment for their skilled and dedicated team members have made this possible.

L - R: David Cullen, Matt Cullen, Doug and Carole Anton, Kevin Wright display Valley’s ISO 9001 certificate
L – R: David Cullen, Matt Cullen, Doug and Carole Anton, Kevin Wright display Valley’s ISO 9001 certificate

AEM Consulting Group provided expertise and resources for Valley Plating to accomplish [glossary]ISO 9001[/glossary] certification in early 2013.

Subsequent operating results included double digit sales growth and improved profitability. ISO 9001 provided a structure for Valley to become more systematic in looking at processes; capable of doing more work without a corresponding increase in costs.

For Valley, becoming ISO 9001 certified was like getting a college degree. They were told “it would be a super daunting task”. As it turned out the project provided a valuable opportunity to move their culture toward one more participative and improvement focused.

Management Review especially is a new thing for them. Communication used to be more one on one. Now the key people at Valley come together regularly for a hard-hitting review of their system and processes and identify and complete improvements.

According to David Cullen, VP Sales “ISO was a bit like the proverbial “bogey man”, but we needed the planning and control it brought to our organization to help enable our continued success. We’ve been good at putting fires out, but now are reducing the number and intensity.”

The one year mark of ISO Certification was accompanied by a surveillance audit. The Quality Management System (QMS) not only passed muster, two noteworthy efforts of the growth and maturation of the system were recorded by the auditor:

  • The shop at SFR is looking very tidy and more organized versus a year ago.
  • The Internal Audits were comprehensive and well done.

Valley Plating is focusing now on driving improvement faster and more effectively and efficiently. They are also looking forward to benchmarking their efforts in next year’s audit.

AEM Consulting Group partnered with VPW to complete this challenging, time sensitive project when their employees were already wearing a lot of hats. AEM has guided Valley Plating Works through the initial design and implementation, certification to ISO 9001and now subsequent continued improvement of the QMS. AEM provides a wide range of services to companies seeking improvements in their operations in the never ending business improvement journey.

By AEM Consulting Group, Inc.