Information Systems: ERP/MRP II

Another crucial process is information systems, which is a company’s computer system. There is no question that the computer in the workplace is a powerful tool and needs to be treated that way, not just for technology’s sake, not just because computers are the way it’s done these days, but to provide employees with a valuable tool that can help them satisfy customers.

When I analyze a company’s existing information system, I often see computer software that adds steps to the process rather than streamlines it. I see new systems that employees cannot fathom and that partially duplicate the work of the old systems that stubbornly remain in place. One of the things I do when helping companies design leaner, more efficient computer systems is to employ information systems frameworks called MRPII/ERP.

MRP/ERP are the type of computer systems that truly create efficiency through a closed-loop system that links together information about customers or clients, their orders and needs, purchasing, supply chain management, accounting, actual delivery of the product or service, and follow-up, with a heavy emphasis on planning.

Regardless of what type of computer system your company chooses, however, it can only be effective if those involved in its design and implementation take into account the people who are going to use it, rather than just the hardware and software.