Kaizen / Continuous Improvement

Kaizen, a Japanese word, means orderly and gradual continuous improvement. Kaizen is a broad-based philosophy through which the expectations of internal and external customers can be met and exceeded by empowering process owners.

We’ve found with our clients that effective systems are rooted in clear objectives and measurements, coupled with effective application of targeted tools and techniques.

Kaizen involves: Small improvements in work processes, through ongoing efforts by everyone – adding up to a large improvement. Kaizen is the systematic and continuous elimination of waste of:

  • Capital
  • Materials
  • People’s time

We help our clients utilize Kaizen as a business strategy by committing to sustained continuous improvement and have found Kaizen events are an efficient way to quickly improve a process.

If you are interested in holding an event at your company we can help or offer advice with:

  1. Gathering operators, managers and those involved in the process together.
  2. Mapping the existing process (utilizing the Scripted Flowchart Process)
  3. Improving on the existing process.
  4. Getting buy-in from everyone involved in the process.