Lean Manufacturing Consulting

The goal of Lean Manufacturing implementation and Lean Enterprise is to deliver exactly what the customer wants, exactly when the customer wants it. This helps businesses avoid such profit-killers as stockpiling inventory or parts that don’t move, or performing services and intermediate steps that the client neither wants nor needs.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Lean Manufacturing Using Lean Manufacturing implementation methods, AEM Consulting creates value for our clients by improving their operations to a more profitable and competitive level.

With a Lean Manufacturing or Lean Enterprise focus, AEM’s projects with clients are directed at eliminating non-value-added activity throughout the company resulting in double-digit improvement in lead-time, cost and quality. The objectives provide the financial value of the projects, which enable better and faster customer service while decreasing finished goods inventory and WIP.

In a typical AEM Consulting lean manufacturing implementation project, the entire existing process from “order to delivery” is documented, analyzed and redesigned to a “pull” system. Material is pulled through the process in a synchronous manner that minimizes waiting and other waste and increases the velocity of processes. Kanban or Lean Manufacturing supermarkets are used to provide signals for replenishment.

Conversion to “Pull” Prioritizes Improvements

This is usually a big change because a pull system is built by reducing lot sizes and lead times, resulting in more frequent setups but better overall performance. The process of reducing WIP proceeds systematically, not all at once. Processes are improved to allow faster and more accurate response. Conversion to pull prioritizes needed improvement by exposing problems, which are then solved using appropriate Lean Manufacturing tools and methods.

Lean manufacturing requires an overall, as well as a minute, step-by-step analysis of how a company produces and delivers its goods or services to customers. This analysis reveals where there is waste. A Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) approach to every step then eliminates that waste. Lean manufacturing employs key techniques such as:

If you are interested in more information on how AEM Consulting can help your company utilize the power of lean manufacturing or lean enterprise please contact us. As Lean Manufacturing consultants, we are knowledgeable, experienced and serious about providing value for our clients.

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