Doug Anton is the founder and President of AEM Consulting Group.

AEM Consulting Group specializes in assisting companies in building a competitive edge by developing and implementing proven systems and strategies for quality, process/facility design, planning and organization, and employee development.

Doug has led the implementation leading to certification for numerous ISO and QS 9000 projects, along with AS 9100. He’s assisted with surveillances, documentation, internal audit and training in many others.

Prior career experience includes 10 years with two Black & Decker companies where Doug served as Director of Quality and Total Quality Coordinator, along with other management roles in Metal Products Production, Manufacturing Engineering and Facilities.

Project management included:

  • Application of FMEAs to assess design and process integrity for a new product line,
  • Reduce cost of quality by identifying and solving persistent product and process quality problems,
  • JIT and MRP II, (reducing cycle time from hours to minutes),
  • Activity Based Costing,
  • A multi-million dollar facilities improvement project.

He has also had experience in the field of education as an Industrial Technology teacher where he designed, implemented and equipped a new facility with a new curriculum.

Doug has published articles, and regularly has been a guest speaker for a variety of organizations and universities. He has developed and delivered a dozen public ISO 9000 seminars through AEM.

He received his bachelor of arts degree from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, and did his graduate work at Utah State University.