Some of the topics we speak on include:

Jump Start Your Quality System Implementation.

(ISO 9000, TS 16949, or AS9100)

This session can help you to understand the ISO 9000 standard and be able to apply it to your company. You will learn about third party registration.

Implementation requires adopting a plan, designing system elements and developing a documentation scheme. You will find out how.

The Profit Target: Model for Business Excellence

Ever wonder why some companies seem to make a profit effortlessly while others struggle to break even? The Profit Target is a groundbreaking paradigm that sees the big picture of doing business through the details of individual company elements.

Discover in this session the secrets of making your business a profitable one while achieving excellence and integrity in whatever you do. Increasing your Plant’s Flexibility and Output with Setup Reduction

This type of methodology is suitable for nearly every type of manufacturing process including injection molding, machining, assembly or stamping. Transferring the skills learned in this session to your worksite is a key focus.

Leveraging your Information System: MRP II / ERP

There is no question that the computer in the workplace is a powerful tool and needs to be treated that way, not just for technology’s sake, not just because computers are the way it’s done these days, but to provide employees with a valuable tool that can help them satisfy customers.

Effective information systems contribute to the company’s ability to standardize and streamline operations, making the company much more responsive to customers. Find out how to implement a system that can truly create efficiency.

JIT to Lean Manufacturing – Increase the Velocity of your Processes

A business that wants to continue making a profit into the future must always be on the lookout to improve that process. The goal of lean systems, which is also known as “just in time” (or JIT) delivery, is to deliver exactly what the customer wants, exactly when the customer wants it. Find out from this session how to avoid such profit-killers as stockpiling inventory or parts that don’t move, or performing services and intermediate steps that the customer neither wants nor needs.

Making Statistical Process Control (SPC) Work

How to get the most out of the statistical techniques you already have in place or are considering. Techniques discussed are control charts, sampling plans, process capability and problem-solving methods.

Project Management: Getting a Stalled Project Back On Track

Are you tired of seeing your programs derailed after a few months? Participants will learn proven project management techniques for breathing new life into old initiatives.
These techniques are applicable to any project, such as software system implementations, ISO 9000 and SPC, which can get sidetracked in a busy production environment.

Increasing the Bottom Line — Putting the Tools to Work.

This session will give you the necessary details to successfully choose and use a series of proven manufacturing tools and techniques in your operation. It includes presentation, exercises, case studies, and discussions to develop the understanding needed to employ these strategies.