What you need to know about ISO 9001:2015

ISO Journal 1952 Cover Page

The September 2015 revision of ISO 9001 formatted it to Annex SL which standardizes paragraphs of management systems. The format is quite different from the prior revision. Risk-based thinking and company self-evaluation is emphasized.
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Kaizen Event Has Big Impact for Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems

So reads the title on the YouTube posting from Lincoln Electric. We were privileged to lead this inaugural kaizen project at Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems in Reno, Nevada. They are a newer division, since 2011, of Lincoln Electric Corporation; full of bright, energetic people who design and build CNC metal cutting machines for sheet and … Read more

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

The goal of Lean Manufacturing implementation and Lean Enterprise is to deliver exactly what the customer wants, exactly when the customer wants it. This helps businesses avoid such profit-killers as stockpiling inventory or parts that don’t move, or performing services and intermediate steps that the client neither wants nor needs. Lean Manufacturing Implementation Using Lean … Read more

Understanding ISO 14001

Companies concerned about the environment are no doubt, already acting on sound and responsible environmental practices. An ISO 14001 project can formalize these practices into a more manageable framework. So you may wonder: What is ISO 14001? How does ISO 14001 relate to your company’s policy and objectives, and integrate with the current business system? … Read more

Change the status quo with setup reduction

Reducing the time required to change over from one processing operation to another. Reducing lead times and lot sizes requires a fundamental shift in how a company looks at setup, which is the time required to change over from one processing operation to another. The traditional view has been that the time it takes to … Read more

What you need to know about SPC

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool to help companies study their operations so they can continually improve. SPC uses structured statistical analysis to determine and control variance in a process. Studying the variances shows if a process is in control and capable to produce product that satisfies customers. This outline and the accompanying example … Read more

Understanding Kaizen and how it can help your company

Lean Manufacturing

Kaizen, a Japanese word, means orderly and gradual continuous improvement. Kaizen is a broad-based philosophy through which the expectations of internal and external customers can be met and exceeded by empowering process owners. We’ve found with our clients that effective systems are rooted in clear objectives and measurements, coupled with effective application of targeted tools … Read more

How Lean can help with machine breakdowns

Lean Manufacturing

With lean manufacturing machine downtime becomes an intolerable situation, requiring a different approach to maintenance. The common focus is changed from fixing breakdowns to preventing them. We use a process to help companies achieve this by transferring and sharing skills between the machine operator and maintenance people. Since operators are the closest to the machines, … Read more

Lean Manufacturing History and Background

The bottom line and definition of lean manufacturing is the relentless elimination of waste. In short, waste is anything that does not add value to what a company produces. Waste is found in all areas of a company and may include: materials, time, human resources, and capital. In the early 20th century Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford relentlessly pursued the … Read more

AS9100C and the Supply Chain

21st Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 Doug Anton presents a brief review of the aerospace industry dynamics behind the Rev. C changes to AS9100 and the additional impact of AS9101. This revision means much more than changes to the standard. It showcases the heightened expectations of the prime aerospace companies to cull the supply … Read more