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Setup reduction

Change the status quo with setup reduction

Reducing the time required to change over from one processing operation to another. Reducing lead times and lot sizes requires a fundamental shift in how a company looks at setup, which is the time required to change over from one processing operation to another. The traditional view has been that the time it takes to […]

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Ford's Model T on the streets of NYC, 1913

Lean Manufacturing History and Background

The bottom line and definition of lean manufacturing is the relentless elimination of waste. In short, waste is anything that does not add value to what a company produces. Waste is found in all areas of a company and may include: materials, time, human resources, and capital. In the early 20th century Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford relentlessly pursued the […]

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Duke Ellington at his piano

Lean Like Jazz

Confused about Lean? Don’t feel alone. Today’s constantly growing plethora of lean this and lean that is confusing to say the least. While some in the U.S. were applying Japanese manufacturing techniques well before the eighties, these days everyone is an “expert” with the consulting industry and academia minting new acronyms, developing new tools, methods, […]

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Wire Journal Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

In this article from the February 2004 issue of the Wire Journal International, Mark Marselli interviews Doug Anton on the topic of Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma. Click here to view the full PDF version. WAI Lean Manufacturing / SIx Sigma article

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